Dan Gould founded Synergy in 1994 to focus on retail lighting retrofits where quality was more important than energy savings.  Dan had worked at Johnson Controls for four years after completing his degree in Electrical Engineering and saw an opportunity to help retailers cut costs and improve store lighting. Synergy's focus on retail facilities was soon broadened to include projects for companies and institutions in a wide range of industries, a path that has led Synergy to a steady record of revenue growth.

We are especially proud of the long-term relationships we've built with a number of clients. After having us conduct one lighting retrofit, many organizations bring us back again and again for more projects. Clearly, we are delivering on the benefits we promise!

Highlights of our company history include:

  • In just our second year of operation, Synergy won an Illumination Design Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) for work done at the Brennan Library at Lasell College in Newton, MA.
  • By 1996, Synergy was taking on large-scale projects, including performing lighting retrofits at 64 Bed, Bath & Beyond locations nationwide in a four-month period.
  • In 1997, Synergy continued to excel in the retail market by retrofitting Macy*s locations on the East Coast.
  • In 1999, Synergy was awarded a contract to perform lighting retrofits for NStar as part of NStar's Small Commercial and Industrial Program.
  • In 2000, Synergy wide-ranging projects included over 50 locations for Verizon and 15 locations for Boston Properties, among many others.
  • Notable and diverse lighting retrofits in 2001 included Providence Schools & Municipal Buildings, BICC Cable, Beverly Hills Hilton, Givenchy Spa, University of Bridgeport, Agilent Technologies, Quebecor, Raytheon, and Spaulding & Slye. Repeat business came from Boston College and Boston Properties.
  • In 2002, Synergy embraced a new strategy called "Business Driven Lighting" which captures the essence of our long-term philosophy which focuses on how lighting can help improve our client's business.  Benefits such as improved safety, morale, productivity can far surpass the guaranteed energy savings from better lighting.
  • 2003: Boston Properties locations, Boston Herald, Providence Schools, Ken's Foods, and Jiminy Peak.
  • 2004: Johnson Controls UMass-Amherst project with over 100,00 fixtures.  Additional work performed in the Food & Beverage industry including Premier Beverage and Distinctive Wine & Spirits among other beverage companies that are confidential.
  • In 2005, Synergy continued it's success in the Food & Beverage industry with numerous projects nationwide while wrapping up the UMass Amherst project with over 100,000 fixtures.  Other highlights include an innovative project at the Adesa Auction facility in Framingham, MA which is in an old GM plant.
  • 2006:  Dean Foods, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, BJ's Wholesale Club projects across the country adding to the numerous Pepsi projects across North America
  • 2007: Iron Mountain projects across US and Canada, Ball Corporation, Coors-Molson and Safeway added to the continuous Pepsi projects.
  • 2008: Pepsi Bottling Ventures, Coors-Ball (joint venture) plant in Golden, CO, Pepsi, Iron Mountain, Dr Pepper
  • 2009: First Frito-Lay project, more Dean Foods, Safeway, Pepsi, Dr Pepper and our first Solar PV project, 63kW in Framingham, Massachusetts
  • 2010: Miami Children’s Hospital, Pepsi, Safeway, Dr Pepper, Dean Foods, Con Edison Solutions, WisPak and Johnson Controls
  • 2011: Pepsi, Heinz, Con Edison Solutions, Dean Foods, Land O’Lakes, Dr Pepper
  • 2012: Pepsi, WisPak, Ball Corp, YMCA, Dr Pepper
  • 2013: The first generation LED projects became viable in certain situations. We did some partial LED projects at Pepsi, Unilever, Dean Foods, Ball Corp, Dr Pepper and Frito Lay.
  • 2014: We did our first 100% complete building LED project at the Frito Lay in Williamsport, PA. Every light on the property, interior and exterior, was converted to LED. Other projects soon followed at Ball, Pepsi, WireCo, Dean Foods, WisPak and Con Edison Solutions
  • 2015: We got back into office buildings with a project at Carruth Capital headquarters followed by a complete upgrade of our own office building. We did work in biotech with a pilot project at the Genzyme/Sanofi building in Framingham, MA. We also added Ardagh as a new client on top of more work with Pepsi, Unilever, Frito Lay, Ball and Dr Pepper.
  • 2016: EMJ Steel returned as an LED client after a 15 year hiatus. More projects with Ball, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Dean Foods, Carruth Captial, Con Ed Solutions and we were able to get back together with Johnson Controls with five school districts secured in New York.
  • 2017: Safeway/Albertsons returned with two big projects at distribution centers. Former Pepsi employees helped bring in a new client called TIC Gums as well as other Food & Beverage locations. Other highlights include more Carruth Capital buildings, many Pepsi buildings, Dean Foods, Tootsie Roll, Ball, Johnson Controls and Rocky Mountain Metal Container which is a joint venture between Coors and Ball.

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