Synergy is proud of the people that make this company successful.  Key members of Synergy's management are:

Daniel Gould
President & CEO

In the early 1990s, Daniel Gould saw an opportunity to provide energy and lighting consulting services to help organizations cost-effectively reduce electrical and operating costs while dramatically improving the lighting in their facilities. He founded Synergy in 1994 and by focusing on aesthetics, effectiveness, and energy efficiency, has built a company with a reputation for quality service and installations.  We call it Business Driven Lighting for the host of benefits to our client's business.

After receiving a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Union College, Dan started his career with Johnson Controls, Inc. He is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP) and a Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC). He has judged lighting design projects for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for three years. Dan also has published articles about lighting retrofits for the retail industry and has been a featured speaker on the topic “New Ideas in Lighting Management.”

Formerly Chapter President of the Association of Energy Engineers - New England, Dan has been an active member of that organization since 1993 and a Board Member since 1994. He also has been a Board member of the Young Entrepreneur Organization (YEO) since 1998.

John Peznola
VP of Operations

John Peznola has over 20 years of energy conservation experience.  Before joining Synergy in 2000, he was the business development manager for an automatic temperature controls contractor.

John began his career in the energy conservation industry with Kenetech Energy Management as a project engineer. He also worked as a project engineer for Honeywell DMC Services, overseeing their Large Commercial/Industrial Program. John received his B.S. in Industrial Technology from the University of Lowell. 

Paul O'Malley - Advisor
Principal, Paul O'Malley Associates

Paul O'Malley is the principal of Paul O'Malley Associates, a Boston-based consulting firm founded in 1991. Paul holds a Master of Science degree in Management from the MIT Sloan School.  His MIT thesis developed a new approach to corporate strategy that addresses the failures of traditional, industrial age planning models in the face of an information economy.  He authored a white paper entitled Creating Value: Linking the Interests of Customers, Employees and Investors, which was published by Pegasus Communications as part of its Innovations in Management series.  Available from, this white paper advocates an approach to management that is based on the fundamental principle that the purpose of any business is to create value for customers, employees and investors.

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