Business-Driven Lighting™ (BDL) is a unique, innovative program that enhances our client's core business processes generating two to three times the benefits of traditional lighting initiatives. We have found that executives care about lighting when the lighting positively impacts their core business.

Here's how the BDL program delivers superior value in three ways:

1) Maximum energy savings

  • Synergy's cutting-edge design and technology knowledge yields guaranteed minimum ROI of 25% with zero risk! Pre and post project audits insure hard savings are delivered.
  • We help you use LED lighting strategically with optimal control strategies.
  • As leaders in the lighting industry for 25 years serving Fortune 500 companies, our clients can tell you we deliver on our promises!

2) Enhancements to your core business

  • The BDL audit and design process focuses on improving productivity, quality, safety, and morale of your production and warehouse operations. Employees notice a huge a difference!
  • Core business benefits can easily surpass energy savings; savings and benefits flow annually.

3) Turnkey, outsourced program

  • Multi-year, corporate-wide prioritization of projects and facilities.
  • Consistent, top-quality projects built to corporate standards (versus hit or miss local efforts).
  • Elimination of wasteful effort duplication at facility and regional levels.
  • Open-book pricing simplifies procurement and assures excellent value.
  • Seamless integration with capital budgeting processes.
  • Projects are designed to avoid employee disruptions, allowing your people to stay focused on the core business.

Capture exceptional savings of a tailored LED lighting retrofit project for your facility without the worry and hassle.

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