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Case Study for: Bottling Company

Synergy has been providing a Business Driven Lighting (BDL) Program for 15+ years with one of the largest bottlers in the world.  A pilot project was completed in 2001 which demonstrated the lighting quality and energy savings benefits.  Based on the successful pilot, a corporate commitment was made to the BDL Program.

Create and implement lighting standards for various categories of task areas (e.g. fill room, rework areas, palletizers) while reducing the energy consumption throughout the portfolio of sites.  Achieve this goal with minimal involvement of site personnel so they can focus on the core business of producing and delivering beverages.

Synergy has performed the following:

  • Prioritization of sites in North America by IRR potential and need
  • BDL audits and designs to maximize the productivity, safety and morale while reducing errors in production
  • Turnkey installation services
  • Utility rebate acquisitions where available
  • New construction consulting to assure “Business-Driven” designs
  • Draft Capex and IRR paperwork for internal submissions


  • Over 40 plants and 80 warehouses have been fully or partially upgraded
  • To date, over $15 million invested
  • Guaranteed over $5 million in annual, recurring savings
  • Light levels: Increased an average 42% across all sites
  • More productive, safer working environments

Future Plans:
Synergy is working currently to:

  • Implement additional cost saving measures
  • Implement a planned maintenance approach to maintain systems effectiveness
  • Gather and track data for corporate reporting re: energy savings, CO2 reduction, safety and productivity improvements
  • Review and improve national material pricing

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